Lahore(Daily Haroof online)It was a historic day of Pakistani Politics history when Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto met Nawaz Sharif here at Kot Lakhpat Jail.

nwaz sharif is sick at jail - Nawaz Sharif Stands On Principles,No Deal Apparently: Bilawal Bhutto

Bilawal Bhutto told awaiting Media after meeting with Ex Prime Minister,that mostly time was spent inquiring about Nawaz Sharif  health condition and discussing on Charter of Democracy.

Bilawal Said it is very painful that three times Prime Minister is living in Jail and ill.Bilawal told the media that Mian Nawaz Sharif has a principally stand and he( Bilawal) sess no sign of any deal with Govt.

Bilawal said it was a historic day for him because his grandfather Z A Bhutto and his father Asif Zardari spent long time in this prison.Govt must provide treatment facility to Nawaz Sharif according his choice,Bilawal Bhutto said.