Natuna Selected as a Citizen Isolation Site from Wuhan

The Indonesian government chose Natuna Island as a place of isolation for Indonesian citizens to be picked up from Wuhan, China. TNI Commander in Chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto explained the reasons for choosing the Natuna region as a transit for the evacuation of Indonesian citizens from China in anticipating the spread of the corona virus.

“The TNI supports the process of returning our brothers from Wuhan to Indonesia with facilities and infrastructure to support their own health protocol,” he said at Soekarno-Hatta Cengkareng Airport, Saturday (1/2).

Hadi said, the Natuna area was the best area and was chosen as a place to isolate Indonesian citizens. This is in addition to being far from residential areas, because Natuna is a military base that has a Hospital (RS) of three security forces namely the Navy (Navy), Air Force (AU), and Army (AD).

“Health protocols among which we must fulfill we have a place of isolation far from the population and the best and chosen place is the Natuna region,” he said.

He continued further, the Natuna area itself has access close to the observation area. “Having a runway is close to the area that will be used for observation, so that our new siblings come straight down from the plane into the shelter,” he explained.

The shelter itself, he said, can accommodate up to 300 people with toilet facilities including a field kitchen.

He stressed, the distance between the hangar and residential areas is quite far, which is around 5-6 kilometers. While the distance from the pier is also quite far around 5 kilometers. So that the area is sufficient to meet the health protocol requirements.

“So that Natuna was chosen as a temporary transit place until it was declared free of the corona virus,” he said.

Hadi also added that his party would continue to oversee and monitor the transfer of Indonesian citizens from Wuhan to Indonesia until it landed safely.

“Then we monitor until landing. Hopefully the process can run well and I ask for your blessing from the media to carry out this activity and it will work well, “he concluded .

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