National Samsat Online Applies, Tax Pay Can Be Through Application

 To make it easier for people to pay vehicle tax, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta in collaboration with the Traffic Corps (Korlantas Polri) is implementing the National Samsat Online application.

After inputting a number of requirements, taxpayers can immediately pay their obligations through the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) of several banks or mobile banking. Head of DKI Jakarta Regional Tax and Retribution Agency (BPRD), Faisal Syafruddin, said that vehicle tax payments through online applications are already in force.

“Payment (vehicle tax via online applications) can be via ATM / Car Banking and let the public take advantage of the National Online Samsat so that motor vehicle tax revenue is increasing,” said Faisal Syafruddin as written statement received by, Wednesday (10/30).

DKI Jakarta Provincial BPRD urges and invites the people of DKI Jakarta to pay motor vehicle taxes through the National Samsat Online. “National Online Samsat makes it easy for the people of DKI Jakarta to pay motor vehicle tax easily, safely and quickly,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Head of the Jakarta Provincial BPRD Counseling and Information Services Unit, Mulyo, explained that the National Police Traffic Corps (Memorandum of Understanding) conducted Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with several provinces in Indonesia implementing National Online Samsat. These include DKI Jakarta Province and several other regions.

Through the National Samsat Online service, it will certainly make it easier for the community who own a vehicle to pay their motor vehicle tax because they have collaborated with regional banks, state-owned banks, and also private banks.

Mulyo said through the National Samsat Online the taxpayer / applicant was required to download the National Samsat Online application on Google Play. Because only through the National Samsat Online application, taxpayers / applicants get a pay code to make tax payments through ATM / E-banking.

The payment code accepted by the taxpayer / applicant is only valid for 2 hours since it was issued by the National Samsat Online application, if within the time period the payment code has not been paid will not be used (expired).

So if you are going to make a payment the taxpayer / applicant must re-register via the National Samsat Online application.

National Samsat Online has a difference with the Jakarta E-Samsat service where the account owner’s data must be the same as the vehicle owner’s data listed on the vehicle registration while the National Samsat Online payment can be done through an ATM / e-banking that belongs to yourself or someone else.

Below is a display of the National Samsat Online Application, as follows:

Paying vehicle tax through ATM / E-banking, there is a vehicle registration certificate that must be followed by the taxpayer / applicant, including:

  1. Submitting the requirements at the attestation counter
  2. The officer will input the data on the National Samsat Online application by entering Noreg / Nopol
  3. After the identity of the owner and the vehicle and payment status appear on the computer screen, the officer will ratify the STNK by affixing stickers / stamp / electronic in the ratification column at the STNK
  4. Next, the officer will print the Regional Tax Assessment Letter (SKPD)

The deadline for exchanging proof of payment with the original SKPD and validating the STNK is 30 days from the date of receipt of the receipt. The validation of the STNK can only be done at the Samsat of the place of origin where the vehicle is registered, for example a vehicle registered in the DKI Jakarta area cannot validate the STNK in the Banten area.

In addition, when submitting the STNK approval to the Samsat office, the taxpayer / applicant must be able to show the original KTP in accordance with the data on the STNK. If you can’t show then:

  1. Perform the process of changing the name
  2. Blocked so that the following year the vehicle can not make payments through the National Samsat Online and must make a return name.

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