Features of MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList, also known as MAL, is one of the most popular anime and manga social networking websites in the world. It can also be regarded as the social catalog and is a comprehensive site that many people trust. This provides people with a user-friendly, list-like system and allows them to score and organize both manga and anime according to their own requirements.


Manga and Anime

Basically, MyAnimeList has an extensively large database of manga and anime. As a user, you can find whom to share your interest or taste with. Currently, the website seems to have more than 4.2 million anime and up to 774,000 manga entries. Back in 2016, the website got up to 110 million visitors in just a month, which proves that this is one of the most visited sites to date.

The history of myAnimeList

It should be noticed that MyAnimeList was launched in 2006, and the person who first brought forward such a wonderful site was none other than Garrett Gyssler. He continued maintaining the website until 2008, and in those days, it was named as AnimeList.

Later on, Garret decided to include another word “My” to this name and this was placed at the beginning. The inspiration of this name came from the famous social network of those days, MySpace. In August 2008, CraveOnline, which a lifestyle and entertainment website for men-owned by AtomicOnline, bought MyAnimeList for a heavy sum.

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What does myanimelist offer?

Amazingly, MyAnimeList has a list of Japanese animations, Korean animations, and Chinese animations, all of them have been shown in anime, aeni and donghua respectively. In the same way, information about manga, manwha, dojinshi, and manhua is provided to the user. Light novels are also made available. The scoring of a user is done in both manga and anime, and for this purpose, a scale from 1 to 10 is used comprehensively.

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