Muslim representative: Macron not to interfere with Islam


A leading spokesman for the French Muslims called on French President Emanuel Macron today not to interfere with the organization of Islam, the second largest proverb in France, and the appeal came a few days after Macron announced that it would “reorganize Islam in the country.


“As Ogra pointed out, “Muslim faith is a religion and, as such, takes care of its own domestic issues, and the last thing you want is – that your country is a guardian.”

Ogres is a Turkish-born French, and since mid-2017, he is headed by CFCM, an organization founded 15 years ago with the aim of reducing concern over radical preachers and fostering a domestic form of Islam that would better fit into the traditional French division of ecclesiastical and state issues British agency. Macron said that he wants to reorganize Islam in France to bring the Muslim faith into peaceful relations with the state and other religions, but has fully joined the fight against fundamentalism, preserving the “national unity”.

“We are working on the structuring of Islam in France, and this is what we want to explain, which is extremely important,” Macron said.