Mobile vs. Computer - Playing Online Games

Mobile vs. Computer – Playing Online Games

Everyone who looks different stuff on internet understands that information technology has spread like wildfire into our daily lives. Access to the Internet is no longer dependent on home or office – because via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, we are almost constantly online.

Gaming has been an integral part of information technology since the first computers. The university people coded simple cross-zero games into the first computers, but since then, gaming has become the mainstream of entertainment. Games are also a very collaborative online experience today. The popularity of massive online games is at its peak and will continue to grow as technology and connectivity evolve.

How, then, has the advent of games on the Internet and the advent of mobile devices alongside traditional computers (and consoles) affected the nature of gaming? Are portable smart devices at all suitable for online gaming, especially for the more demanding ones? We also take a look at gambling on different platforms, but don’t forget that there are slots available to redeem valuable rewards for both mobile and desktop environments.

 Which games are suitable for which platforms?

First of all, there are many types of gaming. Most gaming enthusiasts do it occasionally alongside work and other leisure activities. Playing is fun then. Especially in this case, it is becoming irrelevant for more and more game genres whether the game is played with a tablet or a laptop, for example.

However, e-sports, or “electronic sports”, which have quickly become a big thing, are still a big exception. Online DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, and other games at the heart of e-Sports are still virtually private property of the PC environment. Ergonomics and the tunability and customization of computers, for their part, speak strongly for computers in a sport that demands everything from its players. Of course, the sheer size of the screen is the deciding factor.

Instead of entertaining gaming, mobile is the number one choice for many. Particularly designed for more serious gaming, desktops have one obvious fault: they are stationary, in their own corner at home or in their hobby – they are not portable. Gaming laptops are, of course, a partial solution to this problem, but few people need laptops, for example, for a twenty-minute commute. Online gaming is at its best in short-term gaming sessions, casual gaming. On the other hand, a game like World of Tanks Blitz shows that another kind of Mobile gaming is possible.

There is, of course, one small flaw in mobile games – Mobile data is not always completely reliable. Even in areas with good network coverage, significant lags and loss of connectivity are commonplace. In many countries, data is also considerably more expensive than Finland. While most of our subscriber types have unlimited data usage, most European countries have limited data usage. This in turn limits the growth of data-intensive online games on mobile platforms.

 Gaming has also come into the mobile environment

Before the boom of online gaming by Doom and Quake in the 1990s, the most popular type of game on the Internet was of course cash and casino games. Modern online casinos are quite different from the tunes seen over 20 years ago, but the principle is the same: with a small bet you have the opportunity to win big sums.

The good thing about cash games and casino games is that they are generally not very complicated or cumbersome to gaming machines compared to heavy FPS games, for example. Sure, for example, in modern slot machines, 3D animation is quite demanding, but this is an exception, and when needed, gamers (and game developers) can turn off animation, for example, from mobile games.

It is in cash games that mobile devices get their rights. Often casino game rounds are fast paced and the duration of the game sessions is largely determined by the player. In these games, mobile devices can be rightly said to beat the PC due to its flexibility.

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