The future of 1.8 million young people who were illegally brought to the United States has become uncertain, or threatened by persecution from the country, because the US Senate failed to agree on a law on their protection.


US President Donald Trump has taken care of these young people, the so-called “dreamers,” the previous voting on the wall at the border with Mexico, then abolishing the lottery program for the visa and reducing the number of visas granted to legally migrant families.

But that proposal did not pass, and then the majority did not receive any proposals from the government or the opposition.

Already on March 5, they are issuing temporary licenses for the first thousand “dreamers” and they will not be renewed, according to Trump’s decision. If the Congress does not react, persecution from the United States will threaten them every day.

Some deputies and supporters of migration, following unsuccessful votes, called for the introduction of temporary protection for “snipers”.

Republican Bob Corker emphasizes that a short-term extension of their stay will be held.

The leading bilateral proposal was given by Republican Susan Collins. As part of this measure, “dreamers” would be protected, and $ 25 billion would be envisioned to strengthen border security, and perhaps even to build parts of Tramp’s long-promised wall at the border with Mexico.

But the White House criticized the law, arguing that it would weaken the implementation of the current law and created a wave of illegal migration, the US media reported.