Mike Tyson net worth

Mike Tyson: Net Worth: 2018:

Mike Tyson, a retired American boxing champion’s net worth is $3,000,000. During his career, Tyson earned a staggering fortune of $300,000,000, which he successfully squandered!

Basic Details:


Birth Name                            Michael Gerard Tyson

Occupation                            Boxer

Date of birth                          30 June, 1966

Place of birth                         New York (Brooklyn)

Current age                            51 years

Disabilities / Diseases           Depression

Zodiac Sign                           Cancer

Nationality                                      American

Name of father                       Jimmy Kirkpatrick

Name of mother                     Lorna Smith Tyson

Manager                                 ICM Partners

Frame / Build                         Bodybuilder

Weight                                    240 pounds (109 kg)

Height                                     5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)

Eye colour                             Dark brown

Hair colour                             Brown

Ethnicity                                Black

Background Information:


As Mike Tyson saw his first daylight in New York’s Brooklyn, he grew up in an unsafe and dangerous environment. By the time he was 13 years old, he had been arrested a number of 38 times.

Whilst he was imprisoned, a young counsellor & former boxer observe Tyson’s boxing abilities. He introduced him to Cus D’Amato, a brilliant boxing coach. D’Amato became Tyson’s mentor, administrator & father figure. Mike was just 16 year old when his mother passed away. Eventually D’Amato became Mike Tyson’s legal guardian.

Mike’s greatest attributes as a fighter was his rapid speed & quality. This made him a force to be reckon with to all his rivals. Mike had unbelievable timing, coordination as well as precision. He boxed in the Peek a Boo-style, with his hands held high which Cus D’Amato had established. Mark’s trademark combination consisted of a low right snare-shot at the body, followed up with an uppercut shot to the jaw. This potent combination knocked out an ample number of his rivals, like: Jose Ribalta, Jesse Ferguson & Lorenzo Boyd.

Since 1987 – 1990, Mike Tyson was the undisputable Heavyweight Champion of the World, winning a lot of fights & earning millions of dollars! During November 1986, only 20 years of age, Mike won the WBC-title. Thus, becoming history’s youngest heavyweight champion!

Subsequently, Tyson defeated James Smith and won the WBA title, whilst he beat Tony Tucker and won the IBF title. He consolidated his position as simply the best to walk the planet, when he defeated contenders such as Tony Tubbs, Pinklon Thomas, Larry Holmes, Tyrell Biggs & Michael Spinks!

Marital Status:


Mike Tyson walked down the aisle three times. His first marriage was to the actress Robin Givens during 1988. However, this marriage lasted just over a year. On 19 April 1997, he got married to Monica Turner. Two kids, a boy Amir and a girl Rayna were born from their marriage. The couple got divorced on 14 January 2003. Turner stated that Mike’s disloyalty was the main reason for their split.

However, on 6 June 2009, Mike Tyson got married to Lakiha (Kiki) Spicer, his long time sweetheart. Two children were born from their marriage: Milan, a girl &Morocco, a boy.

After Mike fired Kevin Rooney, his tutor and long-term coach, he began to slide as a boxer. This became quite clear during 1990 when he was defeated by Buster Douglas. Although Douglas was the underdog, Mike was overweight & rusty and lost his title to Douglas.

Mike was arrested for the alleged rape of Desiree Washington, an 18 year old model. In 1992 he was convicted and was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, of which he served 3 years in prison. Mike made a comeback in 1995 and won his first 2 fights and attracted high PPV (pay per view) numbers.

During 1997, Tyson’s career hit rock bottom when Mike bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear in a fight. From then on it just went down hill and Mike filed for bankruptcy, during 2003. On 11 July, 2005, Tyson announced his retirement from boxing. Since his retirement Tyson appeared in TV shows & films which include a cool scene in the movie The Hangover.

Records & Achievements:


  1. Youngest boxer to won the Heavyweight Boxing title, yet (20 years & 4 months).
  1. Winner of the 1985 – Ring magazine Prospect-of-the-Year.
  1. Speediest Knock Out (8 seconds) of the Junior Olympics.
  1. Awarded the (Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year) – 1986 & 1988.
  1. BBC’s Sports Personality-of-the-Year (Overseas Personality – 1989).
  1. Entered into WWE Hall-of-Fame 2012. (Achievements in the field of professional boxing).
  1. Incorporated into International Boxing Hall of Fame & World Boxing Hall of Fame.

Net Worth: 2012 to 2015


Net Worth:                           Applicable Year:


$571,429                                         2012

$800,000                                         2013

$869,565                                         2014

$1,000,000                                      2015

During 2018 Mike Tyson’s net worth is approximately $3,000,000. Tyson receives an additional income by underwriting, highlighting, sponsorships and advertisements etc. His annual salary is approximately $117,647 whilst   sponsorship is $26,144.

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