Mass Market Paperback: An Overview

MMPB’s which stands for mass market paperback and yes your guess is right, of course it is books!

These MMPB’s are printed rather cheaply and the books are meant for massive crowds of readers!

These paperback books are smaller and in general they have a width of 4 inches, whilst it is 7 inches long.

A smaller font is used to print these paperbacks, which are also dubbed pocket books and also fit  nicely into a back pocket or purse.

The Mass Market Paperback: Distribution

A lower quality of paper, not acid-free, is used to print these books in comparison with trade paperbacks and hardbacks.

Despite its quality, these paperback books are sold at lower prices which  are distributed more extensively, whilst it is not difficult to find them.

When these paperbacks are not good sellers in bookstores, they must be returned to the publisher.

Those MMPB’s which are cheaper are either destroyed or they are stripped of their covers and then returned.

However, these rules are not always followed which lead to paperbacks without their covers. When a bookstore sell such stripped books they are breaking the contract between themselves and the publisher, an illegal practice.

  • Paperback: The Term

When people hear the word paperback, they associate it with this type of book.

A lot of people actually prefer this kind of book because it is more affordable and they don’t really care about the fact that it is printed on  poor quality of paper.

People also love the size of these paperbacks, which they experience as convenient.

This size of book’s standardizing is considered to originate from the duodecimo or twelvemo size of printed books from printing’s early era.

A lot of books might become  highly collectible items if they are first printing editions. Initially many books are only printed in the mass market paperback format!

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