The Speysse company, US billionaire and innovator Ilona Maska, launched the Falkon heavi rocket, which is claimed to be the strongest in the world.

In an eccentric-rich company, this could be a major step forward in an ambitious plan for people to step into the surface of Mars in the near future.

The rocket, which flew from Florida, is 70 meters high. “Falkon heavi” was built from three “Falkon 9” cores, which gives rockets the exceptional strength supported by the 9 “Merlin” engines.

In translation, there are 27 smaller thrusters that make Falkon heavi able to carry up to 63 tons of cargo in orbit. If this rocket proves to be successful, Mask can count on having a rocket in its fleet strong enough to send a man to Mars.

The use of this rocket will cost $ 90 million as announced.