City 42 reported that whilst a cyber war is raging between India and Pakistan for years and due to a recent cyber threat attack from India on Pakistan, a Cyber Crime Force is established by the Lahore Police. Security agencies reported that India, in what they call Operation Hangover, plans a cyber attack on Pakistan, targeting various government departments which include the police. The Indian plan targets the Pakistani cyber space by using their own cyber-weapon. A suggested budget and recommendations to acquire the services of IT professionals, was forwarded to Punjab’s Chief Minister by the Lahore Police to counteract such threats.

Phone tells all - Lahore Police to establish Cyber crime force in counteracting Indian Web Threats

Cyber crime law

During 2016, a cyber crime law was introduced by the Pakistani government. However, nothing was done to handle a cyber war. On Pakistan’s 70th anniversary of Independence Day, Indian hackers tarnished different Pakistani governmental websites which included the Ministries of Defence, IT and Telecom etc. The investigation into the Lahore blast revealed that the Jamaat Ul Ahrar website, which claimed responsibility for the blast was operating inside Indian borders. Such cyber warfare can leave Pakistan vulnerable to a lot of cyber threats, whilst important data can be lost. The government should become alert and design a cyber policy which deals with both domestic and international cyber threats.