Kosachov: America wants to destroy the Rocket Agreement


Russia will not leave unanswered the attempt by the US to destroy the Agreement on the liquidation of medium and small-scale missiles, said today the head of the International Relations Committee of the Council of the Russian Federation Konstantin Kosachov.

As he said, the new sanctions announced by Trump are the most common of all sanctions that America has ever introduced to Russia. “The main culprit who violates the Agreement on the liquidation of a rocket attack on the one who discovered it in that.. The Russian Senator also pointed out that it is of great importance for Moscow to survive this agreement, because it is precisely he who provides strategic security to all of Europe.

“It is a cynical game of Washington to accuse others of their own actions, while striving to destroy one of the most important arms control deals. We will monitor the development of the situation and the response will follow, he concluded. US President Donald Trump approved a new package of sanctions against Russia, stating that Moscow has violated the Middle and Low-Range Missile Agreement.