Killed because of Cake Choking while Entering the Competition

The celebration of Australia’s national day turned into a tragedy in the coastal city of Hervey Bay, Queensland. A woman who was taking part in a national day commemoration competition suddenly died.

The 60-year-old woman joined the lamington cake competition at the Beach House Hotel last Sunday. Such sponge cake is indeed typical of Australia. The cake is coated in chocolate and grated coconut. The participant suddenly choked, then convulsed.

“The Beach House Hotel’s management and staff express their condolences to family and relatives for the disaster,” wrote the hotel manager according to Nine News , Monday (1/27).

The incident was captured in a video showing a hotel bar full of spectators. When the woman had a seizure, the hotel security officer had a chance to do cardiac and lung resuscitation, aka CPR. Shortly, he was immediately rushed to Hervey Bay Hospital, but in the end was not saved.

Australia Day was celebrated on 26 January to commemorate the first British fleet to arrive at Sydney Harbor in 1788. However, the indigenous community suggested that its name be changed to Arrival Day or Invasion Day because it felt the moment was devastating for the indigenous tribes.

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