Khawaja Asif, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister stated that Donald Trump, US President’s most recent tweet about Pakistan is promising. He stated that Islamabad and Washington relations had a good beginning after Trump’s affirmative statement.

On Sunday, Asif told the media in Sialkot, that although Pakistan always gave their co-operation to the US for a lot of years, the country continually suffered some losses because of their interaction with the United States.

He added that President Trump’s most recent tweet was positive progress. In his tweet President Donald Trump praised the Pakistani efforts to rescue the US-Canadian hostages from their captivity by the Taliban. This can result in an improvement in the association between the two countries.

Minister Asif stated that President Trump hailed the attempts of Pakistan to limit terrorism and that Pakistan’s willingness to cooperate with the US administration is appreciated.

It is appropriate to mention that one day after the Pakistan Army rescued a family of 5, which include their three kids, President Trump said: “I want to thank them for their cooperation on many fronts.”

The rescue mission was achieved in collaboration with American intelligence. President Donald Trump stated that his country was beginning to develop a better understanding with the Pakistani government.

Foreign Minister Asif also declared that the basics of this relationship between the United States and Pakistan will become more transparent later this month after Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State of the United States and Jim Mattis, the Defence Secretary’s visit to Pakistan.

President Trump had expressed his appreciation twice now. The alliance turned sour after Donald Trump declared his policy regarding South Asia during September, in which he intimidated Pakistan with consequences.