“Become a policeman” Hilarious recruitment advertisement in New Zealand (VIDEO)

In order to attract new recruits, the New Zealand police released a video called "the most interesting recruiting video police". It seems that they...

Never play with electricity!

Check this video and be aware of danger hidden in electricity cables. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zYWF9A1dHs

Who has a better carrier, NFL players or police dogs?

For both carriers you need to be extra talented, dedicated in trainings, fast and adventurous, you can be seriously injured or in life danger....

Dream Job In Dubai! Unbelievable Salary: 230 000 Euros Per Year

"Allsopp & Allsopp", successful British company is willing to hire pre-seller for real estate located in Dubai. With extraordinary salary, 230 000 Eur per...