All Parties Jammu and Kashmir Conference at Islamabad on April 18,Mother of 4 Shaheed Sons will preside :MKTF

Lahore(Daily Haroof Online)Mission Kashmir Task Force is going to organize an International Conference of All Parties at Islamabad on April 27.Leadership of all parties and Social Activists from from AJK have been invited to attend this confrence.

One Point Agenda of this proposed Conference is to  raise the voice in favour of oppressed Kashmiris living in Occupied Jammu and kashmir and giving them right of self determination. The specific point of this conference is honor to be Presided by an Old Woman whose 4 sons sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Ch Akhtar Mahmood Lali a senior leader of MKTF told that Mission Kashmir Task Force is is purely working as  a Think Tank having deep roots throughout Azad Kashmir,Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir,Pakistan,Gilgit Baltistan and foreign countries.

MKTF is working and has valuable services for uniting and raising the voice of Kashmiris over the world through peaceful process and dialogue,Ch Akhtar Mahmood Lali told.

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