Work-up as a social task

Interest in Stasi files Is not Dead

Even 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the interest of the people in the files of the GDR state security does not diminish. The competent authority reports tens of thousands of requests for access to the file.

Nearly 38,000 applications for access to the file – that is the impressive number reported by the Stasi documents authority in Berlin. They were received in the first three quarters of the year, confirmed a spokesman for the spark media group. The number is thus approximately at the level of the previous year’s periods.

And it proves that even 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, interest in it has remained unbroken, as the Ministry of State Security spied on and spied on GDR citizens, incited, blackmailed and manipulated people against each other.

“Enlighten Destinies”

“It is good that in the future everyone will have the opportunity to look into the Stasi files,” notes Roland Jahn. He has been Federal Commissioner for Stasi documents since 2011. “Insight can help clear up fates.”

According to Jahn, human rights violations are documented in the archive, but also testimonies of people’s will to freedom are found there. According to the report, in almost every sixth case it is not about accessing the files of the applicant himself, but insights into the files of relatives.

111 kilometers of records include the legacy of the GDR intelligence service. In addition, there are about 15,000 bags of torn papers that the Stasi could no longer destroy in time. In addition, nearly two million photo documents were preserved.

Work-up as a social task

Jahn complains in an interview with the SWR that the processing of GDR history is far from complete. For the criminal law was not sufficient, it was only a few responsible persons have been convicted. “It has been shown that the rule of law with criminal justice together can not work on the injustice state,” said Jahn. Work-up must become a social task.

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