Indian Married woman turns her Social Media friendship into love,converts and got married Pakistani young man

Gujranwala(Daily Haroof Online)An Indian Hindu Married women escaped from Chandigarh and converted to Islam,got married a Muslim Young Man of Farid Wala Gujranwala.According to Media reports,Hindu married woman belonging to Chandigarh Punjab of India had friendship on Social Media with Salman.She got visa for Pakistan and entered through Wagah Border Pakistan in oct 2018.Her friendship with Salman starts in 2015 on Social Media,and turned in love ultimately,repote told.Tina a  mother of 2 kids lived at Tndenda area of Ludhiana state of India.She left her husband for his bad habits,drugs using and torcher.Tina decided to flee and coming Pakistan.Arriving here at Gujranwala,she converted and  got married with Salman.Her Islamic name was kept Ayesha. Mrs Ayesha Salman told media that she converted by her own will and wish.Islam is the only true and universal religion, she is very happy with her husband Salman and living smoothly here at Gujranwala.She told that there is no respect,no honor of any woman in India.She will be murdered if she goes back to India.She appealed Prime minister Imran Khan to award her pakistani Citizenship so she may pass her rest of life without fear.

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