Ignite The Nation Aim for New Unicorns to appear

The stages of the Ignite The Nation program from the Ministry of Communication and Information aim at the emergence of new startups in Indonesia to reach unicorn status.

“Not only facilitating, we want to accelerate the existence of unicorns through the ecosystem. All unicorn startups are participating. How do we make the next unicron, “said Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara, during the opening of Ignite The Nation at Istora Senayan Stadium, Sunday.

Rudiantara, when met on the sidelines of the event, stated that startups have indeed been found in Indonesia, especially those that utilize digital technology.

However, he hopes startups can go through good stages until they are finally able to get capital and continue to develop as a unicorn that Indonesia now has.

Ignite The Nation is part of the National 1,000 Digital Startup Movement initiated by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to encourage the growth of startups in Indonesia.

Ignite The Nation with the theme “Superior Digital Millennial Resources, 1,000 Digital Innovations – Advanced Indonesia” aims to ignite the spirit of a digital economy that coincides with the commemoration of Independence Day on 17 August.

The massive movement also seeks to ignite the sense of patriotism of millennials who are already familiar with the digital world in order to generate big dreams that can provide solutions and innovation for the nation.

Ignite The Nation which took place at Istora Senayan Stadium starting at 09.00 WIB until 16.00 WIB was targeted to be attended by 8,000 participants.

The event will be the opening activity of the 2019 Digital Startup National Movement with a new concept, while the other series of events will take place in 10 other cities in Indonesia.

Stages of the National Movement The 1,000 new Digital Startups now consist of Ignition, Workshop, Hacksprint, Bootcamp and Incubation.

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