Hulk Hogan & Former Wife Linda’s Ongoing Court-battle: 10 Years Later

Hulk Hogan and former wife Linda Bollea are still fighting after their dragging divorce since 2008.

Now in 2019, Hulk Hogan will take former wife Linda to court again attempting not to pay her the amount on which they agreed in their divorce settlement.

The couple’s ways parted when Christine Plante, a friend of Brooke Hogan told the National Enquirer hat she actually had an affair with Hogan. This incident happened whilst the Hogan family was busy to shoot VHI show “Hogan knows best”.

In the settlement, Hogan agreed to pay Linda 70% of their liquid assets as well as properties which was worth about  3 $million, whilst she  was to received about 40% of all future revenues in Hulks’ businesses.

Now, Hogan is taking Linda back for the 6th time to face the court in an attempt to stop the accounting of what is hers legally.

According to Linda he also hides money, transferring money and compromised their books. Hulk’s net worth is about $25 million, whilst Linda’s is about $20 million.  

However, it is important to take into account hat the net worth of Hulk doesn’t include a settlement which he received from Gawker Media.

Actually it is this settlement after which Linda is chasing! During 2012 a sex tape which featured Heather Clem and Hogan was featured. Heather Clem was Bubba’s, radio host of the Love Sponge’s wife.

This video was about Hogan having sex with Heather, whilst Hogan told Clem that when they want to retire, it would be their ticket and Gawker published the tape!

However, Gawker was sued by Hogan for invading his privacy. Hogan was awarded the amount of $115 and this settlement bankrupted the website!

Claims was made by Linda that Hogan received the $115 million because of the damage caused to his celebrity status. She is of the opinion that she assisted in building that status and thus she is eligible to a sum of this settlement.

Due to their divorce settlement 60% is owned by Hulk, whilst Linda owns 40%

During 2008, whilst speaking to Nick his son, incarcerated for felony involving reckless driving, racist slurs came forward.

Hogan admitted that he was a racist to a certain extent! During 2015 the WWE dropped him as a result of this.

During July 2018, Hogan was reinstated to the Hall of Fame of the WWE. Hogan was actually welcomed back last year into the wrestling world, whilst he was appearing on TV for the 1st time in 3 years in November in 2018!

According to Linda, this long legal battle influenced their family negatively!

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