We cannot even imagine how the world will look for 1,000 years, but we can assume in which direction technology will advance and how evolution will affect the resilience and appearance of man.

It is expected that in the next 130 years the average height in men and women will be higher than currently, but progress is also expected in the field of vision and hearing.


The most interesting is the progression of genes that could evolve to the extent that without problems in cooperation with the immune system it will fight with today’s diseases and viruses. In addition to the incredible resistance of the organism, the slower aging process and longevity are on the list of things that a person will be able to successfully calculate.

Experts say that for 1,000 years, immortality is possible thanks to genetic engineering and digitization. More precisely, our memories, as in the “Black Mirror” series, will be downloaded to a computer and there will be able to continue their lives or in the body of another person by being transplanted.