How IPTV Works Via The Internet?

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IPTV Works Via Internet

Through IPTV (Internet TV) German Premier enters the Internet through televised collaboration.

The telekom company aspires to use their new high-speed VDSL (Very High Data Rate Digital Subscriber Line) networks to extend the TV proposal.

The VDSL can be considered as an advancement of ADSL line mechanisms.
VDSL connections comprise of fiber & copper cables. Such lines can transmit data at a speed of approximately 50-megabits per second.
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To be able to convey huge quantities of data at such a high speed, the broadband technology needs to be as near as attainable to the customer. Thus, cable splitters must be used.

As reported by NYSE: DTE News, the Deutsche Telekom intends the connection of 3 million households with this new line within 10 important cities.

In Berlin they will be laying approximately 3800 kilometers whilst 11,000 cable distributors will be equipped.

Glass fiber of about 18,000 kilometers will be positioned across Germany, whilst retrofitting to 74,000 distribution boxes will take place.

The new established lines must allow new applications, making phone calls, surfing the Internet, whilst downloading (Triple Play) movies simultaneously, without difficulty.

At present Deutsche Telekom is internally testing their new cables. In the coming weeks hundreds of testers will come into play.

The company is planning to begin a pilot phase together with other associates in June.

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