Akinator is an online blue genie game and mobile app supported by almost Twenty Questions that tries to conclude which personality the player is thinking of by inquiring them a sequence of question as a secret inquiry manner. This is becoming so popular on social sites now a day. Everyone who played this game clearly says that the game answers 100% accurately whenever they tried it.


To avail and play the game is an easy process. Simply go to Akinator, register yourself by entering name, gender and age. Then think of any prominent personality you want Akinator to guess then simply answer the questions.
Everyone wonders that how it can be so accurate, so let’s see how Akinator works actually?
The site’s frequently asked queries segment, “Akinator uses the program Limule exposed by It is based on an algorithmic program we tend to use is an imaginative formation. However we have a tendency to form our very little secret.” sometimes it asks you to transfer your character’s exposure and name so as to feature it to it’s in depth info. This give additional approach into the means Akinator works, at the side of the respond they use to clarify the characters prior to upload them.

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