How a mobile phone CAN SAVE YOU LIFE


Mobile subscribers have as many people as they are on the planet, according to a survey by a telecommunications agency from the United States, and modern mobile phones can perform more and more functions and even save lives. An emergency call, a camera, a web browser, GPS are just some of the possibilities in the event of a threat posed by today’s technology.A unique emergency number that can be invoked from a mobile phone anywhere in the world is 112.


If you find yourself out of your network’s signal and it’s an emergency, call 112 and your phone will search for any existing network at your location. Then you will see the emergency numbers for the area in which you are located. You can dial 112 even when the keypad on your phone is locked!The SOS button allows you to call innocently if you feel threatened. Certain apps allow you to share your current location with contacts by clicking one button or to specify a contact protector that will receive an automatic help message. Such applications can also be connected to the bluetooth bracelet, which contains a button, which gives a signal to the phone, and it passes it further.