• Hotel is an organization which offers paid temporary housing for a short time period or   even long term according to the desire.
• it provide several kinds of facilities to the guests for their contentment to stay with ease and to choose them again. Hotels can be multistory, single or can be in found in various shapes. Hotels mostly charged more than motels but their cost may vary with ranking and provided facilities.
• Hotels can be ranked between 1 to 5 stars regarding facilities and quality rating. Many hotels provide lavish class facilities like gym, indoor pools, spa, business meetings, banquets, WIFI etc.
• Hotels can be found in every location like cities, villages , oasis or business rods , each and every where.



• Motels are such temporary housing facilities which provide short 7 long term lodging with way in the main roads but it provides fewer comforts to the guests as compare to hotels.
• It usually can be found in single or double storey building with vast open areas. Motels are low in cost because have less facilities, basic rooms and somehow due to location.
• It mostly can be found in highways but now days can be found near main cities of main places too due to increasing demand of low rate.
• These are not as much rated as hotels are. It may have some kind of business and fitness facilities in some area.