Hidden Story behind your 13 CNIC Digits 

These 13 digits are divided into three main parts:

1st part: 5 digits

2nd part:7 digits

3rd part:1 digit


The first digit represents your province:

  • Kpk
  • Fata
  • Punjab
  • Sindh
  • Baluchistan


There are the first five digits of my cnic is 35102.

3 represents I am from Punjab,

  • The second digit represents your Division:


35102-second digit represent my division so my division is Kasur

  • The third digit shows your District of your Division:

  • The Fourth digit represents Tehsil of your district:

If the fourth digit is zero then it means that Tehsil and district have the same name. in my ID CARD, 35102 both Tehsil and district have the same name.

  • The fifth digit shows your Union council (UC) Number: 

  • The Next Seven digits after (-) show the Family number

    This information is saved In Database of NADRA

    From the first 5 digits of CNIC, you can track a person up to his /her Tehsil level.

    The last digit after (-) represent even this CNIC  is of Male and Female.

  • MALE: 1,3,5,7,9
  • FEMALE:2,4,6,8