Here’s what the hackers are most CRUISE of us and how much they caters to customers


Data such as usernames and passwords for numerous services such as e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, bank card information, driver’s licenses, passports and the like are required on the Internet, and on the dark web hackers and online criminals are paying big sums of money to get of this information.


 Experian Experts have announced, based on data from the dark web of the past two years, the most wanted data among hackers and criminals, as well as their prices. The amounts that are most often paid for the data are from one to two thousand dollars.

One dollar sells information on the identification number and generally user names and codes for non-financial services. Such data, or user names and codes for payment services such as, for example, Paypal is purchased at a price of $ 20 to $ 200, while information about credit or debit cards is paid from $ 5 to $ 110 – the price with a CCV number is increased by $ 5, and for $ 15 more are sold and other information about the bank that is she issued these cards.

Data for subscription services are sold at a price of $ 1 to $ 10, $ 20 cost information about the driver’s license, while for the $ 30 you can get a user information package (an identification number, address and other hackers interesting data). It is necessary to extract slightly larger sums for diploma information (between $ 100 and $ 400), medical data (up to a thousand dollars, depending on what kind of data it is), and best quoted is the American passport which is paid between 1,000 and 2,000 on a dark web dollars. What is important to note is that a large number of scams are committed using data stolen two to six years ago, so it is extremely important to change the codes and use complex codes.