HARA and Trenggalek Regency Collaborate to Integrate Agricultural Data

HARA, a blockchain-based data exchange startup for the food and agriculture sector, and Innovator 4.0, worked together to create HARANOVA, a decentralized data management movement in Indonesia, based on blockchain technology or data sets.

The HARANOVA movement or the management of smart data will be an alternative solution to the overlapping of data in Indonesia that has been happening for a long time, by inviting all interested parties to the data and its utilization.

The launch of the HARANOVA Smart Data Movement will be inaugurated in Trenggalek Regency as the first implementation area in Indonesia in the Trenggalek Innovation Festival on November 21, 2019 at the Trenggalek Regency Hall.

The HARANOVA movement was first implemented in 14 villages with the aim that the Trenggalek Regency could become the first region in Indonesia to have integrated agricultural data with satellite data and real field data in accordance with the direction of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.

“With good, comprehensive, and long-term data management that can be accessed by everyone, we hope that useful solutions will occur even at the level of farmers and small traders. They are the most entitled to the data collected so far from themselves, “said Budiman Sudjatmiko, Chairperson of Indonesia’s Innovator 4.0.

The problem of data management has been a problem for a long time, and the dream that management can be united in a data conference has been going on for a long time, but often collided with technological mastery and sectoral egos. Decisions about imports of odd food products, for example, are considered to be the result of asynchronous data and multiple interpretations among each agency.

With technology, this is now possible. All participants may have their own data which is then mixed and updated with the whole data collected from the whole consortium participants.

“We see the potential that in fact many people in Indonesia like musyarah and consensus solutions, it is already part of our culture, which fits in perfectly with the principle of the blockchain. The more people who join this consortium, the more complete the data that is managed, and the greater the benefits for all of us, “said Regi Wahyu, CEO of HARA.

The signing of the collaboration between the Regent of Trenggalek, Mochamad Nur Arifin with the CEO of HARA, Regi Wahyu, and the Chairperson of Innovator 4.0, Budiman Sudjatmiko which will be held at the Trenggalek Innovation Festival (TIF) will be the first step to realize the creation of agricultural data integration. Trenggalek Innovation Festival (TIF) is the largest public service innovation festival ever held in Trenggalek Regency by prioritizing innovations designed by each Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD).

The event was also enlivened by an interactive discussion and the presence of art, culture, and public entertainment which was also attended by the Minister of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Areas and Transmigration, Abdul Halim Iskandar, and the Australian Deputy Ambassador to Indonesia, Kirsten Bishop.

“To transform on the agricultural side, we must integrate to connect information from upstream to downstream. Data is taken, managed, and used by many people democratically. Through HARA partners, the district government will try to connect the data to be useful information “said the Regent of Trenggalek, Mochamad Nur Arifin.

The collaboration between HARA, Innovator 4.0, and Trenggalek Regency in implementing the HARANOVA movement is expected to be able to overcome the problem of overlapping data in Indonesia. With that, Trenggalek Regency can set a precedent for all regions in Indonesia in creating agricultural data integration. 

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