Gojek Presents Three Innovations for GoRide and GoCar Services, Here are the Strengths

The pioneer of on-demand transportation services in Indonesia, Gojek, on Tuesday (10/15/2019) launched the #GakPakeLama campaign. Through this campaign, Gojek introduced three innovations for GoRide and GoCar services, namely the Nearest Pick-Up Guide, Pick-Up Point with Photos, and the GoRide and GoCar Instant features.

The campaign was launched at the Jakarta Transit Plaza MRT Plaza Lebak Bulus by Chief of Public Policy and Government Relations Gojek Shinto Nugroho and VP Transport Marketing Gojek Monita Moerdani, also attended by Head of DKI Jakarta Transportation Department Syafrin Liputo, Director of Jakarta MRT William Sabandar, and film actress Indonesia, who is also a loyal user of Gojek, Hannah Al Rashid.

“Gojek always provides the most convenient, easy and fast service for customers. We present a variety of innovations to fulfill that commitment through the #GakPakeLama campaign, “said Monita Moerdani as VP of Transport Marketing Gojek.

These three features can be accessed on the order screen on the latest version of the Gojek application. The Nearby Pick Point Guide helps customers order GoRide and GoCar services when they are in unfamiliar locations. This guide recommends Gojek pickup points that are easy to find for driver partners so customers do not need to type their pickup address manually.

Then Pick Point with Photos, now the pick point for GoRide and GoCar services in crowded areas such as offices, hotels and shopping centers is already equipped with photos. Making it easier for customers to find the pick up point chosen.

Finally, GoRide and GoCar Instant, an on-the-spot ordering service that features a queue management solution. Thus reducing customer waiting time and breaking down congestion in crowded pickup areas such as public transport terminals.

Along with the launch of the #GakPakeLama campaign, Gojek also presented an Instant GoRide feature at the Jakarta Transit Plaza MRT Plaza, which was crowded by the public. “The launch of GoRide Instant is a form of synergy between Gojek and mass transportation modes and the government, where Gojek is a provider of feeder transportation services,” explained Monita.

For this innovation, Head of the DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency, Syafrin Liputo said, the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of DKI Jakarta is committed to offering Smart Mobility to the people of the capital city. Among them through the existence of integrated public transportation.

“We appreciate the collaboration between PT MRT Jakarta and Gojek which has been able to create comfort, safety and convenience for all people of Jakarta. Now the public can transport #GakPakeLama, “said Syafrin.

Meanwhile, President Director of Jakarta MRT, William Sabandar said, Jakarta MRT serves more than 90 thousand passengers every day. Of these, some went and departed to the station using other modes of transportation, including online transportation.

“The presence of the Instant GoRide service can provide a better experience for MRTJ users who need continued transportation. After the inauguration today I hope that similar synergies can be implemented at other stations, “William said.

Appreciation also came from celebrity Hannah Al Rashid. With this campaign, he believes the quality and speed of Gojek’s transportation services will be more guaranteed. “In fact, GoRide customers are entitled to a discount voucher if they are picked up more than 3 minutes from the estimated pickup time listed on the application,” he said.

Previously, the Instant GoRide and Instant GoCar features could be used at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Depok Baru Station, and Dukuh Atas MRTJ Station / Sudirman Commuter Line Station. Outside the capital, these two features will also be available at several points in the cities of Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan and Makassar. 

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