Game of thorns is one of the best shows among its category. Its season 1 episode 1 can be watched online from now onwards, the first episode of the first season is named as “Winter Is Coming”. This is written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, directed by Tim Van Patten.

The very first episode of the show game of thorns, is totally depends upon a song of ice by George RR Martin additionally on the fire succession of different novels of this category. Lord Eddard Stark, a character of this episode is tattered between one of his old friend and his own family, when they him to serve beside King Robert Baratheon. On the other hand the man is conscious about the consequences of cruel power usage in the country which will direct it to its total destruction. This battle of the survival of the country by the efforts of its characters can be watched in gems of thorns: season 1 episode 1 online.