One of the biggest Finnish food companies, Fazer, will launch the first bread with insects tomorrow.

Markus Helstrom, head of the bakery sector in the Fazer group, said today that one vegan contains about 70 dried crickets, which melt in powder and add flour, AP reports. According to him, cloves make up 3.0 percent of bread.

“Finns are ready to try new things,” he said, and according to a study commissioned by Fazer “good taste, freshness” were among the main criteria in evaluating this bread.

According to recent surveys conducted in the Nordic countries, “Finns have the most positive attitude towards insects” in gastronomy, said Juhani Sibakov, head of the innovation department at Fazer Pekari. “We made a crispy dough to improve taste,” he said, adding that the result was “tasty and nutritious” and that Fazer Sirkaleipa (Finnish name for Fazer Crick bread) “is an excellent source of protein, and insects contain good fatty acids, calcium, iron and vitamin B12. ”

“Humanity needs new and sustainable food sources,” Sibakov said, while Helstrom noted that the Finnish law was amended on November 1 to allow the sale of insects as food.

The first batch of crickets will be found tomorrow in the leading Finnish cities. The company said that for now they do not have enough “crickets of flour” to secure sales throughout the country, but the aim is to make bread available in 47 bakers in Finland in the next sales cycle.

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