The Russian manufacturer of tactical equipment TSNIITOCHMASH (Central Scientific Research Institute for Precision Mechanics) recently showed its new product – a combat suit that completely protects from explosion and flame.

For this occasion, Viktora Kolesnikov’s stuntman, dressed in a suitcase, walked through a simulation of the battlefield, where mines exploded and a flame spread.

Victoria passed without scratches, and the only consequence she had experienced was a few spots of soot on her face.

Sergey Titov, in charge of development programs at TSNIITOCHMASH Research Institute, says that Kolesnikova demonstrated the possibilities of advanced aramid fabric, which is able to withstand kinetic blows and flame effects.

At the current level of development, material and clothing design are able to “fight” with bullets and shrapnel, but it is still working on flame resistance so that the suit can withstand 30, instead of the current 15 seconds of continuous exposure to flame.

In TSNIITOCHMASH Research Institute, they hope that by 2020 they will have the final product, which will officially be able to become a program of modernization of the Russian army.

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