Fatima Sughra Lifetime Achievements

Lahore(Daily Haroof Online)Feb 14, 1947 was a historic day when a procession of Muslim League ladies was passing on lower Mall road.As procession reached in front of Civil Secretariat,British Police started torcher , beating and using tear gas on ladies.A young girl of 14 years old,Fatima Sughra set an example of braveness and courage when she  climbed on gate of Civil Secretariat and throw down British Union Jack,she hoisted Pakistani Flag there using her Green Dupatta.Fatima Sughra became the hero lady of Sub Continent women.When Pakistan became an independent country,Govt of Pakistan awarded Fatima Sughra Lifetime Achievement award and Pride of Performance Award in her life.She died on Sep 27,2017.She lived 86 years on the soil of independent Pakistan at Lahore.She was buried at Qabristan Miyani Sahib for eternal rest.

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