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Fairuz A Rafiq ‘Salted Fish’ Ready to Testify at the Session

The ‘Salted Fish’ Case involving Galih Gananjar ,Pablo Benua and Rey Utami is ready for the child to go on trial. Responding to that, Fairuz A Rafiq claimed that he was waiting for that.
In fact he claimed to be ready to attend if called as a witness. Fairuz is ready to give testimony from a case he originally reported to the Jakarta Metropolitan Police.
“I heard yesterday he said already entered, just waiting for the call just when I really have time to be a witness called, I was present,” said Fairuz at the 1st Sisesa Cruise Collection, InterContinental, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, Tuesday (3/11/2019).
“I still don’t know, I have gone to court, the file has entered,” he added.

Meeting with her ex-husband, who was part of a trio of ‘salted fish’, Fairuz admitted that she was very lazy even though she was actually ready to give testimony.

“You have to be ready. Even though you are actually lazy, but you don’t want to have to be ready. It’s impossible not to meet. It’s fighting for justice for the truth, fighting for the essence and dignity of women so they have to be ready,” he concluded.

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