EXPLOSION IN YEMEN: At least 11 victims, continuing the conflicts of separatists and government forces


At least 11 people lost life in a bomb blast at Yemen’s checkpoint.  Officials said three people were wounded in the attack.

This checkpoint is under the leadership of local forces that support the United Arab Emirates.


The UAE is part of a large Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, which intervened in Yemen during the civil war in 2015 in an attempt to regain power of President Abd-Rabo Mansur Hadi after the Shi’ite rebels of Huti set off to the port of Aden and forced him to flee to Riyadh. The men said that armed men began firing after a suicide bomber drove a car filled with explosives to a checkpoint in the north-eastern city of Attak in Yemen, the capital of the province of Shabwa.

No one has yet taken responsibility for this attack, but the agency says it is similar to previous Al Qaeda operations in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which operates in that area.

The Elite Forces of Shabwa, trained by the UAE in fighting the Islamic state’s extremists, expelled the AQAP extremists from Atak in a major military operation last year in August.