Retired Lt. Gen Frank Klotz of US air force share his words about nuclear arsenal of US in his exclusive interview  that “we have capability and capacity of nuclear arsenals since the end of Cold war and US can deter against its adversaries so easily but we have not conducted any nuclear test since 1992 but we have highly advance diagnostic tools to test materials used for the production or present within our weapons and we are highly concerned about the safety and security of our nuclear stockpiles”

He also stated that US is planing to spend approximately $350 billion in the coming 30 years  in the production and modernization of its nuclear arsenals as  nuclear deterrence is the first priority concern of his country and currently US is already engaged in dealing four major nuclear warhead programs.

He also narrated that he is greatly concerned about the recapitalizing of nuclear forces and US have take pause in this process as compared to other nations who are being busy in increasing the capability and nuclear programs of their countries.