On 25 October which marks World Polio Day, the UN’s health agency stated that although progress had been made to eradicate polio, persistent commitment is required to conquer the final stumbling block, to eliminate this disease permanently. Presently just three endemic countries are affected by Polio which includes Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan. Twelve polio cases were reported thus far in 2017 in just two countries. At the Geneva office of the UN, Christian Lindmeier, a WHO (World Health Organization) spokesman, stated that this represents the fewest cases ever, whilst innovative procedures made it attainable to eradicate the disease permanently.

Polio in pakistan - Eradication of Polio attainable: United Nations health agency

Affecting young children


Polio is a disabling disease and principally affects young children. A virus causes the disease which is generally transferred by faecal-oral contact from person to person. However, infrequently contaminated food or water can also result in polio; it can multiply in a child’s intestine, whilst it can penetrate the nervous system causing paralysis. The disease is incurable, but via immunization it can be prevented. During 2016, more than 400 million children were vaccinated worldwide, giving them crucial protection against polio