Emotional detox: Go back to balance in five steps


You have something bad, you can not overcome it, you need to proceed further, and you are constantly turning around the circle? Try an emotional detox, it certainly works.It happens to us that after some bad experience we know that we should move on, but often we do not know. On this occasion, we do not mean an accident, but a so-called ” emotional poisoning, which we can experience in a family, a love affair, friendship, at work … everywhere we are in contact with people.


– On the one hand, there are people who simply poison their behavior, attitude and words. On the other hand, sometimes we are emotionally hurting ourselves by compelling ourselves to be in a place that is not good for us, with people who are not good for us.

When we experience something unpleasant or when we experience something unpleasant for a long time, we need time and time to recover, to exclude emotional toxins from ourselves.

– Then we should apply the so-called. emotional detox, which is based on directing power on ourselves and which adapts to our own habits, needs and desires – says our interlocutor and explains what exactly we should do.

Avoid people you feel bad about

For starters, whenever and wherever possible, and possibly more often than you think, avoid sources of emotional toxins. Get out of the people that you feel are poisoned or who, when you are looking for emotional support, pour on your wound. Instead, surround yourself with people who are warm, friendly and whose support will not be missed.

Relax as much as possible

Working on emotional experiences requires time and energy. Keep in mind, do not be afraid to get caught or smear. You have experienced something difficult and unpleasant, and you need a recovery from it. So use every vacation opportunity.

Respect yourself

Every day, do what you are looking forward to or what you enjoy. Write, take a walk, afford yourself a massage … Be good to yourself. There are nice ways to criticize yourself, there is no need to disparage the type: “I’m a fool. How could I allow that? “Say:” I see that I have made a mistake, I will see that in the future I do not repeat that mistake “, because these statements in the emotional consequences are drastically different.

Turn to nature

Use every opportunity to be in nature because nature is curing. Allow yourself moderate physical activity every day, as much as you like, because the best way to calm your mind is to start your body. Inject enough fluids, fruits and vegetables.

Breathe with your lungs

There is an ancient technique that is very effective support, both in everyday life and for emotional detoxification, which is breathing. When we are stressed or in some bad condition and mood, we breathe quickly and shallow, only to keep ourselves alive. Give yourself more air and body and your soul will be grateful.