Albert Einstein’s advice, written on two notes which he gave to a messenger in 1922, was auctioned off for $1.56 million in Jerusalem. The physicist and Nobel Prize laureate, born in Germany handed these notes to a courier, instead of a tip in Tokyo. He was in Japan for a lecture tour and had just received the news that the physics Nobel Prize was awarded to him.  However, Einstein’s life was dedicated to science. He suggested in his notes that to achieve a goal of which one had dreamt for a long period of time, did not undoubtedly guarantee one’s happiness. The signed note was written on the Imperial Hotel Tokyo’s stationery. Einstein said to the courier that should he be lucky, these notes would become invaluable.

Einstein - Einstein’s happiness theory auctioned off for $1.5million

The second note and the seller

In a second note, written during the same period he suggested that if one has the will, one will find a way. This note was auctioned off for $240,000, according to the Winner’s auction house. The auctioneers stated that both notes achieved much higher winning bids than the estimated pre-auction price. Reportedly a European, who wanted to stay anonymous, bought one of the two notes. However, it is stated that the seller is the messenger’s nephew.