Eat Kheer of Garlic and Milk,get rid of Joint Pain,weakness of Muscles,be Powerful: Harbalist Dr Tariq Tufail

Lahore( Daily Haroof Online)If u have health problems of Joint Pain,Weakness of Muscles,Intestine problems or feeling of sexualy weakness,u have to take very simple Natural Remedy for all these problems.Talking exclusively to Daily Haroof Online, famous Harbalist,Prof Dr Tariq Tufail(Homeo) said that patient can feel relief with in one month if he takes this natural treatment regularly.

You have to take 200 Gram Garlic and boil it into 2 kilo Milk for the time when it makes Puding( Kheer).

You have need to take 2 tablespoon at morning and 2 tablespoon at evening.Patients must eat this Kheer for one month minimum,Dr tariq Tufail told.Patients of joint pains,weakness of Muscles,intestine and sexual power,can get rid of all these diseases with the help of simple natural treatment,Harbalist Dr tariq Tufail told.

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