Easy Skin whitening Tips for Women

Easy Skin whitening Tips for Women

I’m always surprised by how many women are completely clueless about skincare. My mother always, always, stressed to me that it was never too early to start a good skincare regime. As a result, I have been actively taking care of my skin since my first breakout in my early teens using my (then) staples of Noxzema and a Buff-Puff (remember those!?) religiously.

So I’ve been inspired by a recent conversation with my BFF on this very topic and the fact that I just watched The Devil Wears Prada for the millionth time to share with you some really easy, common-sense skin care tips that are almost all free and that any woman can start doing today to improve their skin, but that they may not have ever thought about before.

Water, Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drink…woman drinking water [Health Fitness Tips, Women] Easy Skin Care Tips for Women 

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So many of us, myself included, do not drink enough water throughout our day. Drinking more water and cutting back on all of our fancy coffees, sodas, smoothies, and most important alcohol is the number one easiest way to start improving your skin. Water is essential for glowing radiant skin, but with so many other tasty options before us, it is often neglected. And no, even though coffee is made with water it doesn’t count.

Easy Skin whitening Tips for Women

Stop Tanning! Sunscreen is Your Friend…

We all know the sun is the leading cause of skin damage and Melanoma even though it’s 93 million miles away from the Earth! So think about it, what kind of damage are 25 or more high powered UV light bulbs inches away from your skin going to do? Early wrinkles and a thickening of the skin in the best-case scenario, skin cancer in the worst. The American Cancer Society recommends a daily SPF of 15 or higher and I would say for the face you want at least 25 or more. That tan may look great in your 20s, but remember you and your skin are going to be together with your whole life. Tanning will come back to haunt you.

Stop Sleeping with Your Make-Up On…

This is the skincare sin I am the most guilty of as I hate washing my face before I go to bed. My poor husband told me recently that he wakes up to some interesting versions of his wife in the morning. Groan. So now I am making it a point to wash my face before bed regularly whenever I wear make up that day. This is because night time is when your skin undergoes the most rejuvenation. Your skin works hard at night to renew itself and you are only hindering that renewal if you have a bunch of old makeup sitting on top of your pores.

Don’t Overlook Your Pillowcase…insomnia1.s600x600 [Health Fitness Tips, Women] Easy Skin Care Tips for Women 

This probably never occurred to you did it? Yup, your pillowcase is full of all kinds of creepy things that you really don’t want to know about. Dirt, oils, and bacteria from not only your face but your hair, mouth, arms, boyfriend, spouse and pets are all there, feasting on you as you sleep. So make sure you wash your pillowcases in the hot cycle at least once a week, and, I mean come on, who doesn’t love sleeping on a freshly laundered pillow?

Your Cell Phone is a Breeding Ground… How many times a day do you touch your cell to your face? Think about it. A couple of years ago I was constantly breaking out on the left side of my chin and I couldn’t figure out why then I looked at my phone. Since then a quick swab once a day with a cotton ball lightly soaked with alcohol and the breakouts disappeared. It’s never hurt my phone, but antibacterial wipes work too if you’re nervous. Also, don’t forget your work and home phones too!.

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