Currency much more volatile due to trade concerns and geopolitical unrest

“Due to trade concerns and geopolitical unrest Currency much more volatile”

The dollar, the euro and the pound show greater exchange rate fluctuations due to concerns about the trade war and geopolitical unrest, says the head of research at Monex Europe. This can continue for a while.
U.S. dollar
The dollar regained ground after President Donald Trump said he wanted to wait until after the 2020 presidential election with a trade agreement with China.
The House of Representatives approved legislation that makes it possible to impose sanctions on Chinese officials. For example when there are human rights violations against Muslim minorities.
Rates on Chinese consumer products will rise on December 15. If they are actually imposed, the costs for the US and the global economy will rise even further. Bloomberg said Wednesday that the insiders assume that a trade agreement is getting closer.
The tensions between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump were central during the NATO summit earlier this week. The US president criticized Macron for saying that NATO would be “brain dead.” The US has threatened to impose sanctions on French imports in retaliation for the French Digital Services tax.
British pound
The pound Sterling tends to be at its strongest level against the US dollar since May this week. Political polls and bookmakers show that conservatives are likely to have a big head start.
The leaders met in London prior to this week’s NATO summit. Boris Johnson did make comments yesterday in support of a digital sales tax. A similar tax in France has led to US threats with regard to rates.

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