Lahore(Daily Haroof Online)If you like to eat Orange(Kinno,Malta,Mosambi) or Lemon,you may enjoy them but it is advised, not to waste the shell( Chilka) of these fruits.

Famous Herbalist and Homeo Dr, Prof Tariq Tufail told that shells of these fruits are much beneficial for human health but we normally waste this asset gifted by Allah Almighty, without thinking and knowing about  this great benefit.

Talking exclusively to Daily Haroof Online ,Dr Tariq Tufail said that after the peeling of the shell you may preserve it for drying.When you like to drink Qahwa, you may cut 4 or 5 shell ( Chilka) into little pieces and boil it in water for few minutes.

The tasty and most beneficial Qahwa is ready for u. It is best natural antidepressant remedy.

It is a best remedy for abdomen and nervous system also. You may take it 2 times in a day. Morning and Evening the best time for enjoying this natural Qahwa.