eat or not - Do we gain weight more when we are happy or unhappy?

A new survey will squeeze you out. Usually we say that we grow most when we are unhappy, under stress or when we are simply bored. But the latest research has shown that there is not much truth in it.


Namely, the reason why we often take chips, chocolates and similar foods is – happiness.

According to the survey, as many as 75% of people belong to the species whose mood affects diet. So we get more calories when we’re happy, and less when we’re sad.

When we are happy, we do not think about what we can not eat, but we enjoy at the moment, and our self-confidence is at its peak.

So, when you’re in a good mood, you’ll more often consume more calories than it’s prickly.

So before you go and complain about which pounds is too high, remember that this is not necessarily bad.

But if you watch the line, be aware that you are eating three large meals a day that will be enough “rich” to slaughter you, so that you do not resort to unhealthy food because you are bored.