Digital Advertising Boards Turned Spying on Humans

The digital era like now all aspects need to be transformed, including the advertising industry. Today’s advertising media are also diverse. From conventional to the most sophisticated by reading human behavior through the help of machines.

For sophisticated ways to use the help of machines, it was revealed that a billboard or digital billboard turned out to be able to spy on humans around him. As reported by, which was reported by ConsumerReports via Ubergizmo , Sunday (1/12), a new report was revealed that digital billboards that are commonly installed around high rise buildings or in public areas may be lurking about the movement of people around him.

As you walk past the digital billboard on the side of the building, you probably don’t think too much about it, but maybe now you have to realize it. In a report from Consumer Reports , it was revealed that this digital billboard actually tracks us in real life, also bringing some of the more disturbing parts of the internet to the streets.

Just as bad as advertising on the internet that relies on cookies to track what we do, digital signage on the streets is also today.

According to Frank O’Brien, CEO of an advertising platform called Five Tier, revealed that this digital billboard is equipped with sensors and technology that can be used on special ID numbers of smartphones that are widely circulating now. The device works when humans walk around digital billboards.

Based on that, advertisements can tell advertisers who are around the area and what types of ads should be displayed. If you when viewing a billboard displaying ads think that this is rotated randomly or on a scheduled basis, this report shows that it might not always happen.

Based on data spied by digital billboards, advertisers then use it to determine what types of advertisements will be played in an area at certain times of the day.

Not only displayed on the spot, even worse, maybe even the ad will spread to your social media accounts. Companies that display advertisements on this digital billboard may ‘follow up’ by displaying related ads on your social media feeds.

The report also revealed that these practices were not entirely new. It is known that advertisers or advertising agencies behind digital signage have been using it for a long time but now the growth and popularity of such practices is said to be starting to worry.

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