The navy’s top service warfare officer Adm.John Richardson started that he want the unity of all the members after the incident of collisions that lead to the death of 17 sailors last year.He have shown his great concern along with the Vice Adm. Richard Brown for the unification of different groups within surface warfare in order to bring them on same line and direction.

Richardson enthusiastically told media that his surface warfare community is so courageous and talented and have always shown their remarkable skills either physically or culturally during the times of need and serious concerns and if his efforts of unification of whole team members proved to successful then it will be greatly advantageous  for the naval forces in conducting missions of war fighting against the opponents.

Richardson also shared his words that Vice.Adm Richard Brown is the true leader dignified for his position as top most naval warfare officer as he have great skills on uniting all team and will lead his talented and professional warfare naval force on right direction.