Ishaq Dar’s, the Minister of Finance’s 5th-hearing regarding corruption cases, has restarted in the accountability court. It was adjourned earlier during the day because Khawaja Haris, Dar’s lawyer was unable to appear be

fore the court because he had some prior commitments.


Kauseen Faisal Mufti, the junior lawyer’s plea to absolve Ishaq Dar from forthcoming hearings, was rejected by the court.


In the meantime, the Manager of Habib-Bank Ltd. Islamabad was presented as the 4th witness by NAB (National Accountability Bureau).


Khawaja Haris has begun his cross questioning of the witness.


Ishaq Dar was indicted by the accountability court during September for holding assets for which he was unable to reveal the source.


Two more witnesses were summoned by the court for NAB. The court hearing was postponed until October 18th.