Coronavirus in the Vatican. First confirmed case

Coronavirus in the Vatican First confirmed case

Coronavirus in the Vatican First confirmed case

The day after the Italian media reported that the coronavirus test of Pope Francis was negative, the sanitary services of the Holy See reported the first confirmed case of SARS-CoV-2 infection. The Vatican press office also issued an official statement on this matter.According to the statement of the head of the Vatican press office Matteo Bruni, coronavirus infection was found in one of the patients who with cold symptoms reported to the outpatient department of the Vatican State Health and Hygiene Directorate .Due to a confirmed case of coronavirus, all medical centers in the Vatican City were temporarily closed. They are disinfected.

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“This morning, all outpatient facilities were temporarily suspended to clean the space after yesterday’s positive finding of COVID-19 in one patient. However, the First Aid Department is still operational. The Vatican Directorate for Health and Hygiene informs the competent Italian authorities and in the meantime implementation has started planned sanitary protocols, “Matteo Bruni told reporters accredited to the Vatican.

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Italian media are already speculating that the Vatican will have to tighten security measures due to the first confirmed case of coronovirus infection. They suggest that perhaps Sunday celebrations at St. Mark’s Square Peter, who denied there customary noon prayer angel of the Lord, will be held without the faithful. Perhaps Wednesday’s general audiences will look similar.An outbreak of coronavirus infection erupted at the end of December last year in Wuhan, Central China. It quickly spread to the whole country, and then beyond its borders.According to the latest WHO data, more than 95.3 thousand confirmed in the world. infection cases, of which over 80.5 thousand in mainland China, and 14.8 thous. outside this country. Already 3015 people have died of coronavirus infection in China (31 in the last 24 hours) and 267 worldwide (53 on the last day).

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