Coronavirus in Lithuania, Belarus, Nigeria and New Zealand. The first confirmed cases

Coronavirus in Lithuania Belarus Nigeria and New Zealand The first confirmed cases

Coronavirus in Lithuania Belarus Nigeria and New Zealand The first confirmed cases

China’s coronavirus reaches more countries. The first case of SARS-CoV-2 infection in Lithuania, Belarus, the Netherlands, Nigeria, New Zealand and Wales has been confirmed. The number of infected in South Korea has already exceeded 2,000, in Italy tests were positive for 650 people.In Lithuania, coronavirus infection was confirmed on a woman who returned from Verona, Italy on 24 February. According to the authorities, the woman’s condition is good, she has only mild symptoms of the disease, no high fever .

She is isolated in a hospital in the city of Siauliai in the north of the country

The first case of coronavirus infection has also been reported in Belarus. The test was positive for an Iranian student who came to the country on February 22.In Iran, a Russian who came to Azerbaijan also got infected with the coronavirus. Is the first victim of the virus in this country. His condition is stable, he was placed in a specialized hospital – provide local services.

Coronavirus Poles do not believe that the government will cope with the virus

The Iranian is the first infected in New Zealand. The man flew to Auckland on February 26. Earlier he was on the Indonesian island of Bali.China coronavirus: the number of deaths in Iran is increasing.245 people are already infected in Iran, including several senior officials of this country, including Vice President Masumeh Ektebar and Vice Minister of Health Iraj Harirchi. The number of fatalities has increased to 26.To stop the spread of the virus, the authorities canceled Friday prayers in the capitals of 23 out of 31 provinces of Iran, including Tehran, Kom and Mashhad. According to IRNA, the Chinese were also banned from entering the country. The authorities are also calling on citizens to avoid “unnecessary travel around the country.”

The first case of infection was also recorded in Nigeria

The country’s health minister Osagie Ehanire said the test was positive for an Italian citizen who works in Nigeria. The man returned from Milan to Lagos on February 25.China coronavirus: more and more infected in Europe
In Sweden, three new cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed in patients in Gothenburg. The number of infected in Norway has increased to four. The virus was detected in two patients in Oslo and one in Baerum near Oslo. It is known that previously two infected persons were in Italy and one in Iran.

Two cases of coronavirus infection have also been confirmed in the Netherlands

The first is a 56-year-old man from Tilburg in the south of the country, who has recently returned from Italy. The tests were also positive for a female resident of Amsterdam. The woman was also recently in the north of Italy – in Lombardy.
“To prevent the spread of the disease in the country, medical services will track who was in close contact with the infected patient,” said RIVM, the Dutch public health institute.A second case of virus infection was also reported in Georgia. This is a man who came back from Italy.

Coronavirus in Europe A Pole in a group of scientists who isolated the Italian virus strain

The number of infected in Italy is growing rapidly. Tests have already been positive in 650 people. 17 people have died.In France, the number of people with a positive coronavirus test increased to 41. A new outbreak was discovered in the department of Oise in the north of the country – 20 people were diagnosed with coronavirus. The search for the so-called zero patient who dragged the virus there.The number of infected in Spain has risen to 23.
Also the number of infected in the United Kingdom increased to 19. On Friday, three more people were reported whose tests were positive.

Since Wednesday, according to, the number of people infected with coronavirus in Germany has tripled It has already reached almost 60 people Over 1000 people are quarantined

In Switzerland, the first infection with SARS-CoV-2 was reported on Tuesday. By Friday, the number of infected increased to 11. The authorities canceled all events in which the number of participants exceeded one thousand people. Engadin Skimarathon was canceled – a long-distance ski run, held every year on the second Sunday of March in southeastern Switzerland.The coronavirus case has also been reported in Wales. The Ministry of Health informed that the patient had returned to the country from northern Italy.Coronavirus in China: the number of new cases is falling.The number of infected in South Korea has already exceeded 2.3 thousand people. During the last day 571 new cases were found. Most cases of infection were recorded in the city of Daegu and in the neighboring province of Gyeongsangbuk-do.

In Seoul, coronavirus was found in 62 people; in Busan – the second largest city in South Korea – it was detected in 63 people

Recent data show that the number of new coronavirus infections is declining in mainland China. Over the past 24 hours, 327 new cases have been reported, according to the State Committee for Health and Hygiene of China. 44 people have died.The total number of cases of contagion in mainland China is 78824. The virus killed 2788 people there.

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