Coronavirus from China. First infection in Northern Ireland

Coronavirus First infection in Northern Ireland

Coronavirus First infection in Northern Ireland

The Ministry of Health of Northern Ireland has reported the first confirmed case of coronavirus infection. The patient was to arrive in a country from northern Italy, where the authorities are struggling with a virus outbreak from China.The Northern Ireland Health Department confirmed the reported coronavirus case at Thursday’s conference in Belfast. Experts said that the country’s authorities have taken steps to locate anyone who may have had contact with the sick.The infected person has returned to the country from northern Italy and is currently under the care of specialist personnel. According to published information, the patient reported to the family doctor himself.”Our healthcare is well prepared to deal with such infections, and I want to reassure the public that we’re ready,” said Northern Ireland’s Health Minister Michael McBride at a press conference.

Coronavirus attacks another two European countries

No other detailed information about the examined patient was provided. A reported case of coronavirus infection in Northern Ireland raises the total number of patients in the UK to 16, reports the BBC.

Coronavirus Deadly balance

In Poland, more and more people are reporting to hospitals with symptoms corresponding to coronavirus infection. To date, however, no case of infection has been confirmed.By the time of Thursday morning, a total of 2,801 people had died in the world. Nearly 82,100 patients are infected.

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